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    Default Tutorial:How To FTP files to PS3

    this is a tutorial on how to ftp your downloaded games on you pc to your internal hdd in ps3.sorry if this kind of thread existed already and mod can just delete this thread.

    what you need:

    -OpenPS3FTP program here : [SORRY ... YOU HAVE TO REGISTER CLICK HERE ]
    -multiman file manager (i think it can work with just multiman and filezilla but im not really sure)
    -any ftp program of your choice like filezilla here : [SORRY ... YOU HAVE TO REGISTER CLICK HERE ]

    if you decide to use FileZilla too make sure you download the client version.

    step 1

    -install OpenPS3FTP.pkg on your ps3 (i assume you know how to install .pkg files on ps3)
    -install FileZilla on your pc
    -after you have finish installing the above go ahead and open multiman
    -look at the bottom of the screen for PS3 IP
    -write it down somewhere or just memorize it
    -leave multiman open

    step 2

    -open FileZilla on your pc
    -set it up like the pic below (click the pic)
    -anything for password means any password you want
    -press quick connect
    -if the connection is successful you should see your internal hdd folders on the right panel like below

    step 3

    -on the left panel (your pc folder) navigate to where you keep your downloaded games
    -on the right panel (your ps3 hdd folder) go to dev_hdd0/GAMES
    -just drag and drop the folder you want to transfer from left to right or you can right click the chosen folder and choose upload
    -the files should start transferring like the image below
    -just wait till it finishes transferring and congratz you have successfully ftp you game!
    -to see your newly transferred games, refresh the games list

    hope this tutorial is helpful and sry if my english sucks
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